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A leading Papua New Guinean landowner company, providing a full spectrum of diverse services across many industries in PNG.

Established in 1989, Anitua Ltd provides an avenue for landowners to participate in one of the world’s largest gold projects, Lihir gold mine.

Today the landowner company is one of the largest single suppliers of goods and services to a broad range of industries across PNG.

Anitua Ltd works with a range of business partners and clients to not only break new grounds but is driven to meet new challenges to better serve our clients.

Lihir Destiny

Anitua Ltd strives for sustainability by growing our companies to not only provide success to the local communities in which we operate in, but also in regard to ongoing dividend payments to our shareholders, to ensure sustainability for the Lihirian community. This is accomplished through The Lihir Destiny, which guides Our Dream, Our Plan and Our Future.

The Lihir Destiny guarantees Lihirians receive their full share of economic benefits from the gold mining on their land. The goal is to achieve self-reliance, sustainable development and financial independence for all Lihirians into the future.

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