Lihir Business Services was established in May 2008 to manage functions of Lihir Gold Limited’s (now Newcrest Mining Ltd) Business Development – a section that deals with landowner companies.

It has now evolved into a significant company whose role it is to:

  • Provide business development services to landowner businesses;
  • Assist Newcrest Mining Limited deal more effectively with landowner businesses and help mitigate circumstances where interaction between parties might result in excessive costs and or disruption to the Lihir project
  • Provide Accounting, Taxation and IPA Compliance services
  • Project management, supervision and tendering
  • Identify non-core activities being undertaken by LGL which might be supplied on a competitive basis by landowner businesses or Anitua; and
  • Identify and promote the establishment of commercially viable businesses not reliant on the operations of LGL for their sustainability.
  • Payroll services

While LBS may not make significant financial contributions to Anitua, it is an essential element of the Lihir Destiny Plan, for Lihirians to become self-reliant and financially independent after mine closure.

LBS is an important adjunct to Anitua Ltd and its operations are necessary to support and grow existing and new Lihirian businesses.