The Lihir Group of Islands comprises of Aniolam, the largest island in the group and often referred to as Lihir and five smaller islands:

Sinambiet, Mando, Malie, Masahet and Mahur. Lihir lies approximately 900 kilometers North East of Port Moresby, in New Ireland Province.

There are close to 20,000 Lihirians, loosely divided into six clans: Tengawom, Unawos, Lamatlik, Nissal, Tinetalgo and Nikama, subdivided into 40 sub-clans and spread across the islands of the group. Lihirian society is divided into two moieties containing the major clans and sub-clans and further divided into lineages.

The Lihirians are predominantly Catholics but hold their traditions and culture very dear. Their strong connection to their cultural heritage is often displayed during big feasts, where fine displays of singing and dancing is shown.

Lihirians are a matrilineal society, where clan membership, land and property rights are traced through the female line. On Lihir, like elsewhere in PNG, land is customarily owned and a landowner merely uses or occupies the land during their lifetime.

Lihir Farm Ltd

The Lihir Farm was established as an agricultural operation to provide fresh produce and meat products to NCS Catering and other businesses on Lihir. It would achieve this aim by operating a nucleus farm that would provide the core driver for fresh produce and meat product and be supplemented by an active out-growers program. The eventual aim of the Farm was to be sustainable and operate independent of mining operations on Lihir.

The Farm is managed by the Lihir Business Service (LBS).