“Anitua is the commercial arm of the Lihir Sustainable Development Plan. Its success is fundamental to Lihirians achieving financial independence after mine closure.”

Anitua Limited is an essential element of the Lihir Destiny story, with the company’s Constitution structured so that ownership always remains in the hands of the people of the Lihir Group of Islands.

Shareholders comprise of six clans from the Lihir Group of Islands – Lamatlik, Tengawom, Unawos, Tinetalgo, Nissal and Nikama – the Nimamar Local Level Government and approximately 2,500 individuals.

Anitua Ltd was established by a small group of Lihirian leaders in 1989, with the initial purpose of providing a means for landowners to participate and benefit in the Lihir gold project. One of the largest gold mines in the world, the Lihir gold project is amongst the ten leading gold producers globally.

With a focus on long term sustainability, Anitua Ltd has ventured off the island to other parts of PNG.

NCS, the flagship subsidiary of Anitua Ltd, has over ten sites throughout PNG and joint venture partnerships with other resource landowners.

In 2012, the Company bought The Alliance Group and effectively took control over all TAG contracts that encompassed catering, camp management and training services at various PNG LNG project sites, making it the largest and most successful PNG landowner company of its kind.